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ALCAFOOD has more than 10 years of presence and trajectory in the market. Since the beginning, we focused in customer service, satisfying not only in quantity, quality and precision our commitment: we went further, and we surprise everyone with innovative and clever proposals.

Over the years, we detected a gap to develop a different proposal of value about the kind of feeding that actual society required; in consequence, we developed a new line of healthy, tasty and quick-to-prepare products that we started to sell in retail chains and wholesale markets since 2012.

Because of the last, we have been adding a rich range of products with the objective in mind of providing our customers a comprehensive and varied solution to their needs. We count on the support of an excellent human group that is always being trained focusing on the mission of being up to date on the latest news and technologies that constantly appear in the food market.

Since 2014, we started to sell our products in the Peruvian market, with outstanding appreciation. In 2016 we make our first appearance in the USA market, providing for chains of numerous supermarkets in the state of Florida.

We are a business with a lot of participation in the food market. Our products are of great quality, healthy and quick-to-prepare. We are constantly striving to bring you, your family and everyone an outstanding product, contributing to live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing your time, leaving you free to spend it with your loved ones.



We want to positionate as a global actor on healthy, natural and quick-to-prepare food. That's why we are present in diverse countries like USA and Peru, together with being making over ourselves everyday to be on the vanguard of the food market.  

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